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Rio de Janeiro Facts

For international calls from Brazil, dial 00 country code area code number. For long distance calls within Brazil, dial 021 two-digit area code number. For operator-assisted calls in English to anywhere in the world, dial toll-free 0800 703 2111.

Intl Calls
Country Code: 55 (Brazil)
Area code: 21
Latitude: 22° 27' South
Longitude: 42° 43' West

Time Zone
Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -3 hours
Daylight saving time: +1 hour
Current time zone offset: UTC/GMT -2 hours

Electrical Current 110 or 120 volts, 60 cycles, A.C.Some hotels provide 220 volts outlets.

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Getting Here: Galeão-Antonio Carlos Jobim International Airport is nine miles north of downtown. The Santos-Dumont domestic airport is downtown.

Getting Around: Either take a cab or use the metro. The bus system takes some savvy

Month High Low Precip
Sep75°F 23°C 65°F 18°C 3 in 6 cm
Oct77°F 25°C 66°F 18°C 3 in 8 cm
Nov79°F 26°C 68°F 20°C 5 in 13 cm
Dec82°F 27°C 70°F 21°C 6 in 16 cm
Jan84°F 28°C 73°F 22°C 7 in 18 cm
Feb85°F 29°C 73°F 22°C 6 in 14 cm

Helpful Information

Policia: 190 or 2312020
Policia Federal: 2912142
Delegacia de Turista: 5115112
Radio Taxi: 2602022
Central de Taxi: 5932598
Hospital Miguel Couto: 2746050
Hospital Rocha Maia: 2952121
Hopital Samaritano: 5378859
Hospital Sao Lucas:2555552
Anjos do Asfalto: 5902121
Clinica Sao Vicente: 2848787

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Rio de Janeiro


Sightseeing Tours>>>>

Where to Eat
Cais do Oriente
Confeitaria Colombo
Garota de Ipanema
Marius Carnes

Art Museum
Cadete Palace
Castro Maya Museums
Enchanted Land
History Museums
Maritime Museum
Monica Park
Museu da Cachaca
Museu do Ipiranga
Paco Imperial
Water Planet

Bar do Beto Rua Farme de Amoedo 51, Ipanema 2523-1443

Baronetti Rua Barao da Torre 354, 2522-1460, Ipanema

Cine Iris Rua da Carioca 51, Centro 2262-1729

Rua Maria, 37 2523-3040

Melt Rua Rita Ludolf 47, 2511-2202, Leblon

Mess Club Rua Francisco Otaviano 20, Copacabana

People Av. Bartolomeu Mitre 370, 2512-8824,Leblon

Rio Sul Rua Lauro Muller 116 (G3), 2545-7289

Vogue Rua Cupertino Durão 174, 2274-4145 Leblon

Zero Zero - Rua Padre Leonel Franca 240, 2540-8041

Rio has 90km of white sand beaches of which the following are the most interesting:

Copacabana - One of the worlds most famous beach, curving along the elegant Av. Atlantica. It stretches for around 3,4km from Av. Princesa Isabel, in the east, to the Copacabana Fort in the west. The widest beach in Rio, Copacabana is the home of beach soccer and volleyball.

Leblon - Around 1,3km Leblon runs from Ipanema to the Leblon belvedere, one of the most beautiful views of both beaches.

São Conrado - Its official name is Praia da Gávea, but is better known as Pepino. It is the landing area for the city's hang gliders who pack the sky each weekend with their colorful kites.

Recreio dos Bandeirantes - A charming 2km long inlet at the end of Sernambetiba Ave. Sheltered by a the large rock, Recreio is safe for swimming.

Prainha - A secluded sandy strip, 700 meters long, Prainha is a surfer's beach. It is an Environmental Protected Area.

Internet Cafes
Cybercafe Internet Center Rua da Alfandega, 80/401 Centro 21-224-1743

Cyberphone Demetrio Ribeiro, 99 Copacabana 21-2295-3333

Internet House Av. N. Senhora de Copacabana 195 021-2543-0566

Street crime is a persistent problem in tourist areas, especially after dark. Leave your valuables in the hotel safe. All you need for the beach is a towel and some change for a cold drink. Don’t be paranoid, but as a tourist you’re conspicuous enough. Stay alert. Avoid city buses, outdoor ATMs, and venturing alone into favelas (shanty towns).

Standard immunizations for Brazil are yellow fever (required for entry) and tetanus/diphtheria, typhoid, and hepatitis. If traveling to the Amazonas, Pantanal, and parts of Minas Gerais, visitors should also get polio, MMR, hepatitis B, and rabies immunizations, and take anti-malaria drugs.

Rio has a tropical climate: hot 77-95°F (25–35°C) and humid summers, cooler 59-77°F (15–25°C ) and drier winters. Crowded during the Brazilian summer (December to March), especially at New Year and Carnival.

Traveler’s checks are pretty much useless here. U.S. ATM cards are good at ATM machines at most major banks. Bring $100 in cash for emergencies. The currency of Brazil is the real.

Portuguese, although some people speak English but most cabbies and waiters don’t. Spanish will help you understand signs but not necessarily the people.

International and most domestic flights land at Galeão - Antônio Carlos Jobim International Airport (better known as Galeão International Airport) (IATA: GIG) (ICAO: SBGL), Tel: +55 21 3398-5050 (fax 3393-2288). This airport is 20 km away from the city centre and main hotels. While you can sometimes zoom through Immigration and Customs, be prepared for a long wait.

What to do???
Museu Histórico Nacional (National Museum of History)
Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (Museum of Fine Arts)
MAM - Museu de Arte Moderna (Museum of Modern Art)
MAC (Museu de Arte Contemporânea) located just across the bay in Niterói.
Museu da Imagem e do Som (Image and Sound Museum) -downtown
Museu Naval -Located downtown not far from the ferry terminal.
Museu do Carnaval (Museum of Carnival) - in downtown, next to the Sambódromo
Museu Chácara do Céu - in Santa Tereza
South ZoneMuseu da República (Museum of the Republic) -in Catete
Oi Futuro (Formerly Centro Cultural Telemar) -in Catete
Museu Internacional de Arte Naïf -In Cosme Velho, next to Corcovado rail station
Museu do Índio -in Botafogo
North ZoneMuseu Nacional (National Museum) - São Cristóvão
Museu do Primeiro Reinado -in São Cristóvão
Museu Museu de Astronomia e Ciências Afins -in São Cristóvão
Museu do Trem -in Engenho de Dentro
Museu Aeroespacial-in the suburbs
Quinta da Boa Vista, a park where Rio's Zoo and The National Museum are located.
Road leading to the Serra dos Órgãos Nat'l Park. This specific mountain is called Dedo de Deus (Portuguese for God's Finger).In addition to Jardim Botânico and Parque Lage, mentioned above, other parks worth a visit are:
Parque do Flamengo, also known as Aterro do Flamengo.
Parque Guinle
Campo de Santana
Quinta da Boa Vista
Parque Nacional da Serra dos Órgãos

Rio is famous for its breathtaking landscape, its laidback beach culture and its annual carnival. Nearly five hundred years have seen Rio de Janeiro transformed from a fortified outpost on the rim of an unknown continent into one of the world's great cities. Its recorded past is tied exclusively to the legacy of the colonialism on which it was founded. No lasting vestige survives of the civilization of the Tamoios people, who inhabited the land before the Portuguese arrived, and the city's history effectively begins on January 1, 1502, when a Portuguese captain, Andrade Gonçalves, steered his craft into Guanabara Bay, thinking he was heading into the mouth of a great river. The city takes its name from this event - Rio de Janeiro means the "River of January". In 1555, the French, keen to stake a claim on the New World, established a garrison near the Sugar Loaf mountain, and the Governor General of Brazil, Mem de Sá, made an unsuccessful attempt to oust them. It was left to his son, Estácio de Sá ¡, finally to defeat them in 1567, though he fell - mortally wounded - during the battle. The city then acquired its official name, São Sebastião de Rio de Janeiro, after the infant king of Portugal, and Rio began to develop on and around the Morro do Castelo - in front of where Santos Dumont airport now stands.

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