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Costa Rica Facts

Intl Calls
International country code: + 506 (Costa Rica)
Area code: 2

Latitude: 9° 59' North,
Longitude: 84° 04' West

Standard 110 volt, 60 Hertz electricity.

Time Zone
Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -6 hours
No daylight saving time at the moment

Spanish is the official language in Costa Rica. However, in most tourist areas, you'd be surprised by how well Costa Ricans speak English.

Costa Rica lies between two oceans and has an extensive variety of habitants, which range from tropical dry forest and lowland rainforest. Summer is usually from December to April and Winter from May to November. These seasons are defined on the Pacific side of Costa Rica but are much less noticeable on the Caribbean side where the precipitation is evenly distributed throughout the year. .

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Airport SJC

Jan 1: New Year's Day
March 19: St Joseph's Day
April 11: Juan Santamaría's Day
May 1: Labor Day
June 29: Saints Peter and Paul's Day
July 25: Annexation Guanacaste
Aug 2: Virgin of Los Angeles's Day
Aug 15: Mother's Day
Sept15: Independence Day
Oct12: Discovery of América
Dec 8: Immaculate Conception
Dec 24 and 25: Christmas
Dec 31: New Year's Eve

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Wild Side Adventures International Costa Rica

San Jose, Costa Rica

Costa Rica

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Getting Around
Flying is decently cheap. The domestic airlines of Costa Rica are Sansa and Nature Air. Both have flights originating out of San Jose, Costa Rica.
Buses are very cheap. You have three choices, Public, Express or Luxury.
Driving- We do not recommend driving on your own unless you know and understand the driving laws and safety suggestions of Costa Rica.

Where to go
Central Valley

San Jose, Costa Rica's capital is located here as well as some of the countries best museums. Outdoor activities for this area include: Horseback Riding, Hiking, Biking, Tours, Sport Fishing and Bird Watching.

Costa Rican Art Museum
Tel: 506-222-7155
Hours: Tue-Sun 10AM-5PM

Costa Rican National Museum
Tel: 506-257-1433
Created a hundred years ago to exhibit religious and archaeological objects which define the history and character of the country.
Hours: Tue-Sun 8AM-4PM

Entomological Museum
Tel: 506-225-5555 Ext. 318
Visitors can examine more than a million specimens of butterflies and other insects collected from around the world.
Hours: M-F, 1PM-5PM.

Gold Museum
Tel: 506-223-0528
This home to the most valuable collection of Pre-Columbian gold in the world.
Hours: Tue-Sun, 10AM-4PM.

Jade Museum
Tel: 506-223-5800, Extension 2584
Displays of ceramics, precious stones and gold miniatures from different cultural areas of Costa Rica.
Hours: M-F 8AM-3PM

La Salle Natural Science Museum
Tel: 506-232-1306
The museum features more than twenty thousand specimens from around the world.
Hours: M-F 8AM-3PM Sun 9AM-4PM

North Caribbean

North Caribbean comprises the caribbean coast and goes from the San Juan River to Lima city, the touristic center of this area. Tortuguero National Park, Puerto Viejo Botanical Garden, Braulio Carrillo National Park, and Barra del Colorado National Wild Life Refugee are the main attractions of the region. This area is world-known for bird and turtle watching. Other activities: Reef Diving, Horseback Riding and Hiking.

South Caribbean

This area is a unique combination of beaches, natural resources and afro American culture. High quality beaches allow adventure and natural history activities. Beautiful reefs, multicolor-sanded beaches (from black to yellow and gray), coastal vegetation and medium-high forests. Cahuíta National Park and Gandoca Manzanillo Reserve are recognized worldwide. Other activities: sport-fishing, boat tours, diving, surfing, hiking, turtle- and bird-watching, dolphin-viewing, horseback riding, sea and river kayaking.


Islands, inlets, beaches and beautiful natural treasures makes Puntarenas the perfect tourist destination. This spectacular area is very close to the Central Valley, (two-hours drive).


Santa Elena is the area's main town with various shops and tourism companies; other important towns are San Luis and San Gerardo. Though its main attraction is the Monteverde Biological Preserve, the region also features a variety of natural places, picturesque paths, flora and fauna watching opportunities, natural landscapes and more. Area attractions are centered around natural history and adventure; tourist activities include bird watching (especially the resplendent quetzal), wildlife and nature watching, hiking, canopy tours, trips to suspension bridges and visits to butterfly and frog gardens.

Plains of the North

With its several protected areas, lakes, lagoons, volcanoes, rivers and waterfalls, the Plains of the North is wonderful for nature-loving visitors. Evergreen forests as well as fertile plains and natural environments that serve as sanctuaries for water birds, reptiles, mammals and the prehistoric Gaspar fish, are just a few of the sights that await you.

Mid Pacific

The region's main attractions are protected wilderness areas and beautiful beaches, several of which are less than two hours from San Jose, allowing for quick access. With regard to wilderness areas, the region features wildlife refuges, national parks and biological preserves. Also worthy of note is the scenic beauty along the coastal highway that connects the Caldera area with the Quepos and Manual Antonio region.

Southern Pacific

The main attractions include beach activities and marine resources, such as whale and dolphin observation, as well as mangrove swamps, landscapes, reptilian, sport fishing, surfing, hiking through the National Parks paths, professional diving, the energetic walks to the Chirripos summit, botanical gardens, and impressive waterfalls. Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, the Ballena Marine National Park, the Isla del Cano Biological Preserve and the Corcovado National Park should not be missed.


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