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Casablanca Morocco Facts

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Intl Calls
Intl Country code: + 212(Morocco)
Area code: 22

Latitude: 33° 32' North
Longitude: 7%deg 41' West

Time Zone

127/220V ,50Hz

Drink bottled water; eat cooked food including fruits and vegetables. Avoid food purchased from street vendors, and watch out for ice. Bring medicine to correct stomach ailments, aspirin, insect repellent, and sunscreen.

Emergency Numbers
Ambulances-Tel. 15
Fire-Tel. 15
Police-Tel. 19
SOS Doctors Casablanca
Tel. 022 44 44 44

Oct-Dec & March-May are Morocco's best seasons, when temperatures average in the low 70s F/24 C.

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Morocco Tourism


Where To Eat
À Ma Bretagne
La Corniche, Casablanca
Tel: +212 2 39 79 79

Kim Mon
160 Avenue Mers Sultan, Casablanca
Tel: +212 2 63 22 6

Le Carpaccio
12 Rue Halab, Casablanca
Tel: +212 2 78 43 8

Le Dauphin
75 Boulevard Houphouet Boigny, Casablanca
Tel: +212 2 21 20 0

Le Douira
Avenue des FAR, Casablanca
Tel: +212 3 13 01 1

Le Retro
Centre 2000, Casablanca
Tel: +212 2 76 07 3

Le Trianon
Sheraton Casablanca Hotel
Tel: +212 3 17 87 8

Port de Pêche, Casablanca
Tel: +212 3 15 19 8

Restaurant La Mer
Hyatt Regency Casablanca,
Tel: +212 3 63 31 5

Villa Fandango
Rue Mer Egee, Boulevard de la Corniche, Casablanca
Tel: +212 3 98 50 8

Au Petit Poucet, 86 Bd. Mohammed V.

American Bar, 49 Bd. Felix Houphouet Boigny.

La Cage, Centre 2000.

Club 84, Bd. El Mouahadine, near Gare du Port.

La Arizona, across Av. des F.A.R. from the Don Quichotte on Rue El Amraoui Brahim, near the Hôtel Excelsior

Hôtel Safir, Av. des F.A.R in front of the CTM bus station.

Hôtel Hyatt Regency, Place des Nations Unies. The black House Night club and Rick's Bar can be found here.

Things to Do
Casablanca is well served by cinemas. The Dawliz chain has two cinemas: Dawliz Habous (two screens) in the city near the Restaurant des Fleurs (and the Cinema Rif) and Dawliz Corniche (three screens) near McDonald's on the Corniche. Besides the Cinema Rif on Av. des F.A.R., there are the Empire on Av. Mohammed V, the Lusitania opposite the Hôtel Lausanne on Rue Tata and, said to be the best, the Lynx on Av Mers Sultan.

Cultural events:
The Complex Cultural Sidi Belyout, 28 Rue Léon l'Africain (tel 02/230 3760), behind the CTM bus station, has a programme of music, drama and dance. The older communal theatre is nearby on Av. des F.A.R. and hosts visiting groups. The Centre Culturel Français, 121/3 Bd. Mohammed Zerktouni (tel 02/225 9077) has an extensive programme, particularly in winter: films, concerts, recitals, exhibitions, and library.

The energy of modernity
The architectural tradition of the city endures to this day with the inauguration of the Hassan II mosque on the 30th of August 1993. This 200m high mosque is one of the largest in the world. The hectic M?arif district exemplifies modern Casablanca. This previously impoverished area, just west of the Arab League Park, has gradually been transformed and is now one of the most prominent neighbourhoods in town. The young Moroccan jet set patronise its luxury shops and its trendy establishments in the shadow of the Twin Center twin towers. You must also visit Anfa, Casablanca's upmarket area. Boulevard Mohammed V, situated in the city centre, has kept its arcades under which shops and restaurants abound for almost 2km.

In the evening, you can take the A?n-Diab coast road between the El Hank lighthouse and Sidi Bou Abderrahmane mausoleum, a small village only accessible at low tide. This coast is Casablanca's seaside resort. It has swimming pools, public and private beaches. Coming here to admire the sun setting and to refresh oneself on a terrace is a classic outing. Every weekend, the inhabitants of Casablanca love to meet each other here. Later in the evening the discotheques keep things lively in this city which never sleeps.


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