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Electrical Power 120

Intl Calls
International country code: + 1
National code: 242
Example Incoming Call: 1-242-347-7500
Example Local Call: 347-7500

Latitude: 25° 44' North
Longitude: 77° 17' West

Time Zone
Standard time zone: UTC/GMT -5 hours

Official language: English.

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Where to Eat

Anchorage Restaurant & Bar
Alice Town

Bimini Bone Fish Club
Porgy Bay

Captain Bob's
Alice Town

Coritz Deli
Alice Town

Fisherman's Paradise
Alice Town

Lala's Restaurant
Alice Town

Red Lion Pub
Alice Town

S Bimini Yacht Club
South Bimini



Victory Reef
5 mile reef with a variety of dive sites. Reef slopes starting at 30 feet and dropping in a slope to 80 feet. This reef has many caves and overhangs.

Bimini Road
AKA Road to Atlantis. This 20-foot dive is made up of large rectangular stones on a sandy bottom, possibly a road from the lost city of Atlantis. Great snorkel or dive.

Moray Alley
A 50-foot dive with coral spurs arranged on a white sand bottom. Many different species for your viewing pleasure.

18-foot dive is a concrete Liberty ship, encrusted with coral and sponges in beautiful colours. You will find lobster and scorpion fish in the sand under the hull, along with a large variety of fish and eels.

Turtle Wreck
15-foot dive site with numerous loggerhead turtles that make this wreck their home. Other marine life located here are barracudas, stingrays and sharks.

Emergency Numbers
Princess Margaret Hospital: 242-322-2861
Police 919 or 242-322-4444
Fire 9I9
Ambulance 242-322-2221
Directory Assistance 916
Bailey Town Clinic
Phone: 242-347-2210/2040
Nurse's Residence
Phone: 242-347-2111

Located a mere 40 miles from the coast of Florida, Bimini is made up of three major islands: North, South and East Bimini. Most of the islands? population, about 1,600 residents, live in Bailey Town in North Bimini, while the main tourist center is in Alice Town, also on North Bimini. Most of the hotels, restaurants and fishing operations can also be found here.


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