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Belize Facts

Same as US (110 volts AC). However, purchase a surge protector for valuable electronic equipment such as computers.
Intl Calls
Country code for Belize is 501. 911 for the Police Department only. Dial 90 to contact the Fire Department or ambulance service.
Latitude: 17° 29 North
Longitude: 88° 11 West
Time Zone
Central Standard Time


More Resources
Ambergris Caye
Belize by Naturalight
Belize Forums
Belize Tourism Board
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Caye Caullker
Summer in Belize

How do I get to Belize:
There are several options for flying to Belize from the U.S or Canada. You may fly to Belize on one of four carriers: United, American, US Airways, or Delta. If you can not get to belize in a day, overnight in a USA city such as Houston to allow your luggage to catch up with you. Here are three hotels in Houston that are next to the airport in case you must overnight
Country Inn & Suites (281) 987-2400
Comfort Suites (281) 442-0600
Hampton Inn (281) 442-4600

Houston, LA, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Newark, Charlotte are all gateway cities to Belize

How do I get the best rates to Belize?
One technique to get the best rates is to book as early as possible.

Reconfirm Your Belize Flights
You should reconfirm your flights the week prior to departure for international flights on any airline. This may save you from unexpected problems at the airport on the days you are flying. American: (800) 433-7300; United: (800) 864-8331; U.S. Airways: (800) 622-1015; Delta: (800) 241-4141. Be sure to double-check the dates and arrival times; if your ticket is incorrect, you need to discover the mistake immediately rather than in line at the airport on the day of your departure!

After you arrive in Belize
At the airport you pass through immigration and customs. Take a cab to your hotel.

Take A Cruise


Adventure Tours

Meet Technetium, Angel in Training
Meet the Musician who
Rocks the Wild Side!

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Wild Side Adventures International Belize

Beautiful Belize

See Mayan Ruins and Tours >>>>

Adventures/Outdoor Activities
Eco Tours
Nature Tour


Where To Eat
Birds Isle

Blue Water Grill
Ambergris Caye
Island style cuisine with a Pacific twist.

Ambergris Caye
Beach Bar/Restaurant with exquisite wines and friendly atmosphere.

Dockside Bar & Grill
Ambergris Caye
Belizean favorites and BBQ served steps from the shore, special staircase leading to an underwater sanctuary that is lit by night for nighttime viewing of baracudas, eels, sharks and rays.

Estel's Dine by the Sea
Ambergris Caye
Restaurant on the beach close to the shops and with a great view of the ocean.

Franco's Restaurant
Belize City
Surrounded by lush tropical garden and the Caribbean Sea.

Mambo's Restaurant
Ambergris Caye
Caribbean cocktails and seafood specialties.

Ambergris Caye
Sip a fine wine while enjoying Thai & French cuisine at a Colonial style villa overlooking the Caribbean sea

What to do in Belize
Dive into the welcoming waters of the Caribbean
Explore the Rainforest
See exotic birds and the elusive jaguar
Soak up the rays while enjoying the beach
Observe stalactites and stalagmites in caves littered with pottery and the remains of Maya sacrifices
Canoe down a wild forest while observing rare and protected wildlife
Go island hopping by kayak or boat
Catch a spectacular sunset from an ancient Mayan temple
Enjoy swims under cascading waterfalls

Belize Facts

Drinking Water
Tap water is pure. Visitors should be aware of the need to conserve water during the dry season, especially on the Cayes.

The climate is subtropical, with a brisk prevailing wind from the Caribbean Sea. The dry season generally lasts from November through May; the rainy season is typically June-November. Hurricanes occasionally occur; they are most likely to hit in August and September. Rainfall is heaviest in the south and the jungle areas, lightest in the north and on the Cayes. Water temperature averages between 79 and 83 degrees F.

English is the official language and is widely spoken, as is Spanish. Other languages include Creole, Mayan and Garifuna.

What To Wear
Belize is a very informal country, with a very casual life-style. Wear shorts, bathing suits and informal wear. Avoid excessive or expensive jewelry as this can offend the people of this area. Water, beverages, and snacks are not always readily available while sightseeing- so a day pack, to carry a water bottle, energy bars, camera, film, binoculars, poncho, hand towel, is a welcomed accessory.

Area Guide
When are you coming back to the Jewel?
The Jewel is Belize. It's a place of incredible natural beauty: mint-green seas and emerald-green forests, more kinds of birds, butterflies, flowers, and trees than in all of the United States and the longest Barrier Reef in the Western or Northern hemisphere. Rivers, bays, and lagoons are rich with hundreds of different kinds of fish. What better place to spend a little time than in the heart of the Jewel? br>
The Hol Chan Marine Park (Hol Chan is Mayan for Little Channel) is situated a short distance north of Caye Caulker. Even in shallow waters large schoals of jacks, barraccuda, groupers, and snappers can be seen. Some tours pick up directly from your ship, making things very convenient.

Ships anchor up to 5 miles off the coast, due to shallow waters. The tender ride into the dock takes about 20 minutes. Belize is known the world over for its superb scuba diving, and the adventurous passenger can go on a snorkeling trip to catch a glimpse of the amazing sealife on the offshore reefs.

Belize Bus
Busses are often the best way to go, and they are inexpensive.Also be aware that busses don't run as often on Saturday or Sunday, for example, a route which has hourly service during the week may only have two choices on Sunday. The staff at your hotel will be familiar with busses in their area.

Traveler?s Checks are not widely accepted. Bring Cash and wear it on you. The exchange rate is two Belize dollars to one U.S. dollar, but there is no need to change your money to Belize dollars from U.S. dollars; U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere. You will want small bills and it is best to have cash for cabs and isolated areas.

Everyone should be vaccinated within the past five years for tetanus. You should also talk to your doctor about allergic reactions to marine life, and bring appropriate medications that your physician recommends. Those who travel inland should consult a doctor about malaria, dengue fever, and hepatitis, and remember that a course of malaria medication needs to be started two weeks prior to departure.

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